Cart Farmer Build Tutorial

Cart Farmer Build Tutorial

1. Lay out the entire kit for easy assembly
2. Place Viton Oring on Reservoir
3. Place reducer on reservoir
4. Loosely place clamp over reservoir assembly
5. Place reservoir heater wires the space in the reservoir clamp and tighten the clamp
6. Wrap reservoir with reservoir heater and retain with included velcro
7. Place retaining clamp on retort stand
8. Place heater assembly on retort stand and secure the retaining screw
9. Thread in quick connect fitting. Make sure to use pliers or a wrench to ensure no leaks
10. Place the line in the fitting. Make sure to use 30lbs of force to ensure a airtight seal. You will hear a click and a thud
11. Hook the spring hook from the wired end on to the reservoir clamp
12. Wrap the heat belt loosely around the reservoir twice
13. Run the heat belt over the retaining spring, and pull tight to secure
14. Wrap the heat belt over the line
15. Secure spring hook over syringe tip

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  • Charity McGhee Reply

    Do you have a video or a picture set up of putting the gun together?

    December 28, 2022 at 12:20 am

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