Newsletter 1

Newsletter 1

Cart Farm Newsletter

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Cart Farm newsletter blast! Today we will be discussing all of the different tools Cart Farm and its associated farms offer for cart filling needs.

This month is focused on our other operations

     The first website we’ll be discussing is Terp Farm. Terp Farm offers all of your hemp terpene needs for making realistic blends. There are dozens of hemp and canna terps for cost-effective and ultra-high quality blends true to the flower they are extracted from.

     The second website we offer is Logistics Farm. Here are some of the new options we are offering:

iCell PLUS

The first cartridge I’ll be discussing is the iCell Plus. This cartridge has been a staple at Cart Farm for years. This cartridge has been picked up by a new factory, Celoh, and they have improved on many of the iCells strengths, namely ease of capping and increased range of viscosity.

Celoh SnapQ

This next cartridge is brand new technology to be offered at the Farms. Celoh took the amazing flavor resolution of the gCell coil and placed it in a sturdier and more reliable stainless steel form factor and named it the Celoh SnapQ. The SnapQ is a snap-top cartridge, as the name implies. The SnapQ boasts some of the lowest headspace in the game right now, as the quartz coil doesn’t need to be saturated in oil to function.

Avurt Precision Press-Tops

The last cartridge I’ll be discussing is the Avurt Precision system. Cart Farm has always avoided traditional style press tops as they have taken longer and capped less reliably than our staple snap tops in the past. Avurt has fixed this issue by supplying these cartridges from the factory in high-pressure polymer jigs. These jigs allow a filling operation to cap 100 carts in 3 minutes or less. Check out a video demonstration on YouTube! With an 8-ton press, one can reliably cap 50 carts at a time, and with a 16-ton press, one can cap all 100 at once.

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