Types of Cannabis Cartridges

Types of Cannabis Cartridges

There are many types of carts out there, and one may get overwhelmed by all the nomenclature and jargon. Here is a concise guide of safe cartridges to clear up any confusion you may have. Only cannabis cartridges have been included, as botanical terpenes are not made for vaping.

Cold Distilled Terpene Blends

This is the current pinnacle of cartridges/extracts. These blends boast the truest to form taste and highest potential potency.
Example Brand utilizing this technique

HTE/FSE Blends

FSE blends are usually decarbed butane extracts. Sometimes they are not decarbed, leading to cloudy cartridges
HTE blends are usually the terpene fraction of hydrocarbon extracts, blended in to distillate or decarbed isolate
Example Brand utilizing this technique

Steam Distilled Cannabis Blends

Steam Distilled terpenes offer flavorful profiles and cannabis sourced flavor at a fraction of the price of other options
Example Brand utilizing this technique
Hemp Steam Stilled source

Anything not listed here (botanical blends, rosin pens, vitamin e/mct) is not safe for their respective reasons.

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